La Noria Team Tale Twins


Carlos Zaragoza is a hybrid artist who works in live action and animation. He designed the worlds of movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Madagascar 3 and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. He is currently production designer at Sony Animation. Aurora Jimenez is a visual storyteller in feature animation and games. You can see her latest works at Hotel Transylvania 2, and the upcoming Get Smurfy, at Sony Pictures Animation, were she is visual development artist.

They partnered to create Tale Twins Studio, based in Los Angeles, the platform to develop their own stories and collaborate with other studios and independent producers and directors, like Carlos Baena. 

Aurora Jimenez early visual development

In late 2011, as we were preparing for most of the pre-production work, through our Prod. Designer Eve Skylar's research, she came across the stunning work that Carlos Zaragoza did on the Guillermo Del Toro film "Pan's Labyrinth". She also found out that he worked at Dreamworks PDI and lived just blocks away from Carlos' house in San Francisco. They met for Carlos to pitch him the shot film and shortly joined the crew. 

Carlos Zaragoza early visual development

From the first meeting, Carlos Zaragoza, La Noria's Art Director, was completely on the same page as us and we were just thrilled. Carlos also brought in his wife and creative partner Aurora Jimenez to do concept art.  With the two of them at the helm of visual development and set design, the production took a giant leap forward within just a few months.

Carlos Zaragoza 3D Visual development

One of the most pivotal contributions Carlos brought was that he actually created the base Maya model of the entire set for us to start visualizing the space while designing. We found this was also helping us for the purposes of Previsualization and story development.  At that point, we decide to move away from 2D storyboards and move right into Previs with this set model. Doing this allowed us to start exploring early shot selection, camera work and rough lighting that we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise with our limited resources. 

We are thankful for their unique and important contributions in our film. To see more of their wonderful personal work, go to their website. All their La Noria Art contributions will be shown in our Art of La Noria Ebook available at the La Noria Indiegogo Page.