Animation Talk Details


We would like to share the details of one of the IndieGogo rewards we'll be offering, a 2 hour animation class covering from medium to advance level animation/acting topics. Carlos Baena has worked as an animator on studios such as Laika, ILM and Pixar. He's done numerous animation talks over the years as well as being Co-Founder of AnimationMentor. 

In this Animation talk the following will be covered.

  • 30 min: Animation Basis
    • Basic animation principles needed both on entry level animations as well as more advanced animations and acting.
    • These are areas such as squash/stretch, overlap, staging, arcs and many others.  
  • 1:30 min: Animation Fundamentals
    • A series of other areas Carlos has found just as useful in his process. These are not rules or established guidelines from books, but simply "to-do" areas to be conscious about when animating shots, both basic and advanced.
    • These areas are: Observation, visualization, simplicity, personality, entertainment and many others. 
    • From thumbnails and animation examples to movie clip studies, each area will cover different aspects.
  • 30-60 min (depending on attendance): Demo Reel review.
    • Carlos will go through demo reels of attendees if interested. Goal is to give a concise feedback session on things that could be improve on an animation reel. 




To sign up, go to our IndieGogo section on the AnimationTalk. We hope you enjoy it.

La Noria Team