Fan Art Poster


With only 6 days left on our campaign, we are so close to reaching our goal! We were so excited to see that other artists were getting inspired by La Noria and adding their own interpretations to it.


"I found inspiration looking at the teaser. It was really exciting to see for the first time something with that Guillermo del Toro-dark style mixed with 3D animation, between many references you can find. It is something I think we all want to happen, horror 3D animation movie, science fiction or exploring and mix new genres (Last time I saw something close was Rango). To me this is simply amazing and people would love to see more stuff at this level coming from big companies.

Visuals are something unique. There's a huge storytelling background with a high level technical experience behind the project, both combined are creating this indie masterpiece. And that's why inspires me. Feelings."

Alex Alvarez, CG Animator/Artist


Check out Alex's portfolio to see more of his work.

In an effort to make it to $50K and possibly even exceed it we are offering a beautiful piece of FAN ART by artist/animator Alex Alvarez as a digital movie poster (above). For anyone that adds an additional $5 to their contribution we will send this to you before the campaign is completed on Sunday.

La Noria Team