It's been a couple of weeks since the end of our IndieGogo campaign. We would not been able to achieve our goal without the help of certain people we'd like to acknowledge.

First, the entire La Noria Team who worked endlessly over the course of the campaign 30 day duration...not only on the campaign itself but also continuing working on the film production itself. We are proud and honored to have such a exceptional dedicated group of people. As we continue working on the film in the new year, we'll feature more La Noria crew artists to highlight their wonderful work and contributions on the film. 

Second, we wanted to thank our artist friends that contributed pieces for the purposes of this campaign. Big heartfelt thank you to:

  • Jon Wayshak

  • Dave Correia

  • Eve Skylar

  • Rick Kitagawa

  • Marc Simonetti

  • Michael Kutsche

  • Pascal Campion

  • Amos Sussigan

  • Helen Chen

  • Dei Gaztelumendi

  • Jeremy Mann

  • Headless Productions

  • Victor Marin & Invictus Designs


Third, we would love to thank all our contributors who donated their hard earned money in support to our little film. In addition to our contributors, we would also like to both thank and welcome our new Executive Producers on the team:

  • John Korellis

  • Michi Lantz & Torbjorn Lantz

  • Delcio Gomes

  • Casey Cannon

  • Veronica Marella

  • Mindaugas Jokubaitis

  • Jenhwa Tung & Koh Poh

Thank you to all our industry friends and colleagues who shared, posted, tweeted and spread the word. We would not have reached as many people if it weren't for you. Your help made a big difference. 

Lastly, a number of publications, blog sites and companies went out of their way to either create articles and interviews about the film/campaign or mention it throughout the month. We'd like to acknowledge and thank each single one of them for their help.

  • Peter Sciretta & SlashFilm

  • Alex Billington & ComingSoon

  • Yahoo

  • SSN Insider

  • Jamie & Adam's Tested & Kristen Lomasney

  • Christian Vera & Right This Minute

  • Reddit AMA

  • Mike Hepburn, Diago Rojas & CG Society

  • April Robinson & AutoDesk/Maya

  • Artella

  • CG MeetUp

  • Andrew Gordon & Spline Doctors

  • Sandra Ni Chonaola & ToonTalks

  • Raul Cerezo & 3DyAnimacion

  • Sergio Pablos/ Africa Mesanza & The SPA Studios

  • 3D Wire

  • Victor Fuste & Zerply

  • IndieGogo

  • Simon Clowes

  • Motionographer

  • Marcos Fajardo, Ben Fischler & Solid Angle

  • Fernando ViƱuales & Summus Render Team

  • Christian Dan & ArteYAnimacion

  • Cinzia Angelini & Mila Film

  • Spyros Tsiounis & ThemGreeks

  • Everett Downing & Book of Mojo 

  • Bobby Beck & AnimationMentor

  • AfNews

  • Digitall Conference

  • Los del Sotano

  • On Animation

  • Kathryn Hoffman & The Animation Collaborative

  • IDiva

  • Tina Price & CTN Animation Expo

  • Dice Tsutsumi & Tonko House

On behalf of our team, we sincerely thank you for your support.

La Noria Team