The World of La Noria: Indiegogo Artwork


We spent a couple of weekends going over each shipment, packaging it and sending thank you notes to our contributors in appreciation for their contributions. We'd like to say thanks to the following people that helped us and worked really hard during this time:

- Mario Grilli
- Vicky Huey
- Roberto Benedetti
- Debbie Huey
- Julia B. Campbell
- Javier Nieto Moncó
- Mike Yabut
- Cindy Yabut
- Krystal Tiffer
- Monique Tiffer
- Andrew Moorim

We hope you enjoy the artwork that many talented artists have put time into it. Special thanks to the artists themselves:

Jon Wayshak, Dave Correia, Eve Skylar, Rick Kitagawa, Marc Simonetti, Michael Kutsche, Pascal Campion, Amos Sussigan, Helen Chen, Dei Gaztelumendi, Jeremy Mann, Headless Productions, Victor Marin and Andrea Blasich.

(Packaging Logo and La Noria artwork: Alex Pardee and Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli)

La Noria Crew